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Choose2Matter is an organization that seeks to help all people find their passions and unleash their genius in the world. Angela Meier's book, Liberating Genius in the Classroom: The First 20 Days, is available for free download.


Nepris is an organization that helps teachers connect their classrooms to passionate professionals working in the real world. After signing up (the service is free), educators can watch archived conversations or put in a specific request for a professional to talk to their class.


The Center for Childhood Creativity advocates "for the critical importance of creativity development in childhood and to inspire the next generation of innovators, thought leaders and problem-solvers." Offers this free webinar: Webinar: "Promoting Creativity in Childhood - Moving from Why? to How?" along with many other resources.

Usable Knowledge, August, 2015

Usable Knowledge, August, 2015

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Creativity and Engagement

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